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Felix Miata mrmazda at earthlink.net
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On 2010/05/20 12:52 (GMT-0400) Bob Meetin composed:

> http://www.w3schools.com/browsers/browsers_resolution_higher.asp

Have another: http://www.w3counter.com/globalstats.php

> I have been sticking with making sites to suit 1024 x 768 resolution 
> monitors.  Yesterday I fell into a spirited debate with a tech guy who 
> said that 1440 x 900 is now the standard and of course I'm behind the 
> times.  So I went back to the browser stats page and was surprised at 
> the percentage of screens at or above 1440x900.  It amounts to about 33%. 

> Any feedback on what the current target should be?  Aside from fluid width?

The right "target" is no px-sized target at all. Designing for any particular
resolution is like designing for some fixed size piece of paper. The web is
not paper. http://webdesignconferencing.com/design/the-web-is-not-paper/

The web is a fluid media where pixels need have no relevance. If you design
to a size dictated by each visitor, you have the ability to please most if
not at least in theory, all.

http://fm.no-ip.com/Auth/Sites/Ksc/ is a simplistic example of how it's done,
which is to say doing most or all container sizing in em, with option to do
some sizing in %, and a further option to size in px only the tiniest of
sizes, such as 1 or 2 px paddings, margins or borders; and doing all text
sizing in em, % or keywords, all based on the visitor's choice of base text size.

See http://www.cssliquid.com/ for more complex examples.
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