[thelist] ajax example - php / mysql

Bob Meetin bobm at dottedi.biz
Thu May 20 22:55:46 CDT 2010

Jay Turley wrote:
> Bob-
> Are you set on using the raw XMLHttpRequest object? Or are you open to
> using a framework like jQuery?
> Granted there's some overhead associated with loading it, but once you
> open the door to AJAX, the next thing you know, there's progressive
> enhancement all over your pages.
> -Jay
It's hard to be set on something when you are a complete novice.  Almost 
all of my websites are in Joomla which makes extensive use of MooTools 
and some components, jQuery. I know there can be conflicts if you aren't 
savvy about MooTools and jQuery, but in either case I'm not a JavaScript 

At this point I would just like to see a couple simple working examples 
which interact with the database that I can tinker with.


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