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Barney Carroll barney.carroll at gmail.com
Fri May 21 06:36:05 CDT 2010

David wrote:

> I am misinterpreting your novella

To expound that far and still leave things unclear, my greatest sin :)

> you can't call _one_ thing a false dichotomy.

There is the crucial exception: dichotomies ;) I was referring to
an age-old web design dichotomy implicit in Felix's angle. I was stating my
preference for pixels as a necessary base unit for screen representation,
and explaining the lack of any real relationship between either, and any
conception of actual metric size outside of ppi conventions in screen

> Where are your data?

I was implicitly positing that we should not depend so much on usage survey
statistics to govern fundamental principles in web design, and stick to
conventional more readily available conventional wisdom and design sense for
notions as basic as this. TBH I haven't examined any statistical data
sources to compound my observations of everyday HCI… Gleaned this from a
'eyes from screen distance' Google just now if you're interested (common
recommendations and practice unanimous AFAIK)

px vs em is the web designers version of editor wars.

Pick one and make something great with it.

There are technical end-user ramifications, but generally I agree. Refer
back to lengthy treatise on false dichotomy of ostensibly meaningful spatial
representation, and greater context of ideal size ;)

Barney Carroll

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On 21 May 2010 12:07, David <david at deadpansincerity.com> wrote:

> >
> > I have personally stopped using ems for quite some time now,
> > ...snip...
> > In short I think they're a bit of a false dichotomy
> >
> Unless I am misinterpreting your novella, you can't call _one_ thing a
> false
> dichotomy. Especially in the context of explaining your preference for an
> alternative choice.
> their screen will be somewhere in the vicinity of 25 inches away from their
> > eyes
> Where are your data?
> px vs em is the web designers version of editor wars.
> Pick one and make something great with it.
> Love regards etc
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