[thelist] CSS issue: Break in visual design of page

Audrey Blumeneau blumeneau at aboutaudrey.com
Wed Aug 18 13:09:37 CDT 2010


I have a page for an artist that I have designed with the center  
background image to repeat in the main content area dependent on how  
much material will be there.  It's really quite basic and simple.  But  
apparently I am missing something as I can't get the footer to line up  
against the main content area.  There is a very clear "break".

I get this same break if I move the background image from the #wrapper  
to the #header.  Currently the #wrapper has the background image for  
the top portion of the design and the #footer has the background image  
for the bottom image design.  All is good except for that break  
between the content and the footer.

I have validated both XHTML and CSS.

What am I missing or not seeing?  I am positive that it is a very  
simple solution, just can't see what it is.

Thanks for help/advice!


Audrey Blumeneau

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