[thelist] the expense of handling video uploads

Bob Meetin bobm at dottedi.biz
Sun Oct 10 10:56:46 CDT 2010

Fred Jones wrote:
>> Or am I living in a fantasy world again?
> If you were, I would just say go with HostGator or one of the other
> big hosts who offer unlimited space for $4 a month. :)
> F
Now that is the real fantasy.  I hosted using HG's infamous shared plan 
for over a year.  We kept a running open request for all the performance 
problems encountered.  If you go back through thelist's archives you'll 
see several postings talking to this.  It was a common occurrence to see 
the load average skyrocket to 30 or 40 and response deteriorate.  I'm 
still with HG but currently on their level 4 VPS plan.  There are 
occasional peaks, but nothing like before.  But of course the VPS plans 
don't come with unlimited disk space.


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