[thelist] <s>Spam</s> Marketing Email Return

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Wed Oct 20 14:40:57 CDT 2010

Jack Timmons noted:

>>With extended drawl on the "A", aaaaactually since there's only been two sales 
>>this month, it's almost safe to assume "the mailing'll do it."

Yup, edge cases exist.   Hence my emphasis on "_usually_".   ;-)

>>They're also marketing on Facebook and Twitter, 

Whoa!  Good to see they are taking the business plan seriously!

>>Once the system is in place, it shouldn't take that much per year.
>>Wouldn't most of that involve automation? 

Not really.  You could, I guess, throw together a couple of screens of opt-in opinion collection for people from the list you mail to ... and that may be all you need at this point in time.  But it's not a statistically random sample, so you should not project the results.  Additionally, you may have significant issues in non-response bias.  And, being *somewhat* restricted to the list, it doesn't really gather any information about potential customers not on the list.


For your random quote collection:
"She offered her honor, he honored her offer and all night long it was honor and offer."

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