[thelist] responsiveness from "the coffee shop"

Bob Meetin bobm at dottedi.biz
Tue Nov 16 14:39:35 CST 2010

So yes I'm still working through the possibilities. Along the way, in 
working with the HG support staff, they gave me some commands to help 
identify culprits when the server load does get whacked out of 
proportion. The load average spikes I occasionally see do not correspond 
to the coffee shop issues, but they are something that bothers me and 
I'd liek to fix anyhow. About 20 minutes ago it spiked up to about 60 
then dropped to under 1 in about 10 minutes. Here's what I caught via 

NETSTAT SUMMARY - ignore connections from
tcp        0      0         TIME_WAIT   -                   
tcp        0      0         TIME_WAIT   -                   
tcp        0      0         TIME_WAIT   -          

There were about 40 connections from and another 20 or 
so from, Greece and the U.S. I could block these for the 
future, but how do I know if they are valid.

Along the same lines, I've considered setting up the monitoring script 
to automatically add them to a block list (if past some threshhold) or 
zapping any processes, but again how do we know whether they are legit 
or not?

-- Bob

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