[thelist] Is PayPal Pro Worth It?

Jeff Schweibing cent at webhostingforacent.com
Tue Dec 21 14:27:42 CST 2010

>> Only question is, does it seem that the $30 a month fee is worth it 
>> for PayPal Pro? Then he could do onsite CC payments. I guess he would 
>> have to make one more sale every 5 months than what he is doing now.
> That's correct, as long as he's making $150 *gross profit* off each
> sale. If it's $150 extra *revenue* then depending on his margin, he
> may be needing to make a couple or twenty a month to recoup the cost
> out of the margin.

 Yeah it's $150 profit.

 We just had a guy order while on the phone with me and I'm not sure he 
 would have managed to make the purchase without me talking him through 
 it. He was actually a bit of an idiot, but, uh, hey, he made a purchase. 

 OK, we're definitely going to go for PayPal Pro now!


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