[thelist] PHP Ecommerce Solution

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Tue Jan 4 10:51:07 CST 2011

Fred Jones noted:

>>   - A number of hours to reserve the item
>>   - A date and time for the item
>>   - An hourly rate for the item

>don't think any package has that. Ubercart has the rest of what you
>want and this rental part could be added, Would probably need at least
>some custom coding however.

If they are just looking at the scheduling aspect of physical rentals, then any of the hotel reservation models should work.  If you have multiple machines to rent, then you would need to add in an inventory decrement component in order to allow multiple machines to be rented on the same day or for overlapping periods.  Still - the same applies if you have multiple rooms to rent.

I would look at hotel / vacation rental cottage style solutions.

Good Luck!

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