[thelist] Online Marketing Resource

Fred Jones fredthejonester at gmail.com
Thu Jan 6 12:27:48 CST 2011

I have a client with a successful, albeit small, hosting business. He
recognizes that the key to taking his business to the next level is
marketing but he also feels that he has no real skills in this area. I
myself am very wary of marketing firms because, like SEO, all I really
know is that many of them aren't worth a dime.

So I am wondering if anyone knows of a good marketer who would be
interested to market the business on a percentage basis. For a
startup, I realize this is a silly request but for a business with an
annual profit of well over $10,000 USD, a percentage of new sales has
the potential to be a viable option. I would think so, anyhow. :)

Any ideas, including where else to post this question, are appreciated.


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