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trevor trevor at intospace.ca
Wed Jan 12 12:08:29 CST 2011

Hi Frank,

You may be interested to look into widgets or helper sites for this, such

http://pledgie.com    or   
http://chipin.com  or things along those lines.

I think pledgie.com  might be the best bet in the case you describe


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I'm volunteer Webmaster for a 3 county nonprofit org whose website is 

For the annual NAMI Walk fundraiser, the Executive Director would like a 
donation page added which would keep track of which walker or team gets 
credit for the donation & have an entry for the Team name or Walker name.

I thought a database would have to be created & looked into this but it 
seems beyond what I understand.

Would another format work for this? Thanks for reading.

Frank D 

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