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Graham Hays graham.hays at visualcomputing.co.uk
Thu Mar 31 03:23:33 CDT 2011

Thanks for that -- some other info I should have put in:
1. we already have the domain names so were considering (under option1)
simply redirecting the user from xxx.es to xxx.com/es
2. we have links (not yet active [display:none]) on all pages linking to the
same page in the other language(s) (xxx.com/fred.html <-> xxx.es/fred.html)
although at this stage all the links are to xxx.es/default). I have a Python
script that easily changes these so whichever option we use we can change
the links. [anyone think this is overkill in having links between all

Regarding language specific css - yes that's a point as even Spanish can be
considerably longer than English, will keep an eye on that.

Browser options - no we are not planning on using browser preferences
(assume you mean were the language changes  according to where you are?) --
personally they p*ss me off, just because I live in Spain [which I do]
doesn't mean I want everything in Spanish [which I don't] (Adobe please take

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> > Hi all - I'm producing a multilingual site and we (client and I) are
> > wondering about the effects on SEO of our site configuration
> > 2.	Each site in its its own domain (xxx.com, xxx.es, ..) but using the
> > English site for images, css etc.
> Off the top of my head (ie. without researching it), I'm opting for 2. It
> you to buy the domains, but they don't point to duplicate content.
> Localisation is increasingly important and Google likes to know where you
> are, so a country domain is one big obvious clue.
> Seems to be no point in duplicating the CSSs although perhaps (I don't
> know) you might need to vary the CSS for things like German (text is
> longer) or Arabic (text is right to left) so perhaps a main CSS with a
> variant CSS too?
> I guess the downside is that your main .com/index doesn't ultimately and
> naturally have everything pointing to it but a quick link on all the
> homepages fixes that if you want it (I don't think you do, really).
> This question is linked, isn't it, to how you are serving the languages?
> If you're taking the browser preferences, how will you redirect to the
> language page if the user arrives on the wrong one? Not sure if there's
> anything difficult here, but it's part of the mix.
> My 2p worth .. I'm very interested in this, but I can't say I'm expert in
> internationalisation.
> J
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