[thelist] Multi-lingual site

John Allsopp john at johnallsopp.co.uk
Thu Mar 31 03:37:23 CDT 2011

> 2. we have links (not yet active [display:none]) on all pages linking to
> the
> same page in the other language(s) (xxx.com/fred.html <->
> xxx.es/fred.html)
> although at this stage all the links are to xxx.es/default). I have a
> Python
> script that easily changes these so whichever option we use we can change
> the links. [anyone think this is overkill in having links between all
> pages?]

Yes, if you are linking around you need to consider where your PageRank is
going. If it's "around in circles" that's probably suboptimal. You could
arrange your links so ultimately they point to pages you want to rank in

> Browser options - no we are not planning on using browser preferences
> (assume you mean were the language changes  according to where you are?)
> --
> personally they p*ss me off, just because I live in Spain [which I do]
> doesn't mean I want everything in Spanish [which I don't] (Adobe please
> take note!)

Not according to where you are, according to your preferred language that
you set in your browser. So if you said to your browser you want English
you get English, if you want Spanish you get Spanish. And yes, maybe with
an option to see an alternative, but no biggy.

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