[thelist] php mail html newsletter

Bob Meetin bobm at dottedi.biz
Thu Mar 31 23:20:08 CDT 2011

I'm looking through options to manually process an email list stored in a MySQL table and send an embeded HTML newsletter to list members.  The html will be sent in the body of the message using a fairly simple table and will include links and embeded images.  Yes I understand that the embeded images will be displayed or managed according to the email reader and preferences and may not display bey default.

In the past I have used a couple programs to do this, one a joomla newsletter component (unreliable) and the second dadamail (which is currently door #2 next in line).  I'd like to get away from using a program or application if possible and implement a php script.  I'm googling for scripting options as well. Does anyone have a ready-made script that you're willing to share?  Or point me to a tutorial.  Thx.


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