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Felix Miata mrmazda at earthlink.net
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On 2011/05/25 10:07 (GMT-0600) Bob Meetin composed:

> I'm working with a designer who is asking me to use Palatino variation
> fonts in content areas of the website.  I typically try to use standard
> fonts and stay away from custom font techniques be it google font or any
> of the javascript methods.  If it's not there by default I'd rather stay
> away.  I've got bigger fish to fry.

> Aside from the fact that Palatino and a slew of other common windows or
> perhaps mac fonts are not installed by default on my linux box, even on my
> fairly new windows laptop I'm encountering obstacles.  Doing a little
> research I found a site that provides some stats that are not promising
> for Palatino.  But since the designer is on MAC, well oh well.

> http://www.codestyle.org/servlets/FontStack?stack=Palatino+Linotype,Palatino&generic=serif

> There are undoubtedly hundreds of sites that provide various stats.  Anyone
> care to provide some authoritative links or feedback?  General default font
>  feedback?

$ fc-match palatino
P052003l.pfb: "URW Palladio L" "Roman"
$ fc-match "Palatino Linotype"
pala.ttf: "Palatino Linotype" "Normal"

Palatino/Palatino Linotype are hard to distinguish from the often installed
on Linux URW FOSS font package, which include URW Palladio L as a Palatino
lookalike. On http://fm.no-ip.com/Auth/Font/fonts-comps-bantpalapall.html you
should be able to see very little differences between them, and Book Antiqua,
at least in some common sizes like 12px and 16px.

See also:
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