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: On 1 August 2011 21:22, Anne Millington <anne at millingtonstrings.com> wrote:
: > Should it not change on Jan 1 of every year to the current year?
: >
: I dunno, I'm not from the US, but I would have thought the copyright
: date was useful when contention arises, e.g. to prove your content was
: the original version.  So an older copyright date would seem
: beneficial.  I'm not sure many sites apply their copyright
: declarations accurately with respect to dates due to the fluid nature
: of the content.  Is it necessary to include the date in the copyright
: statement?  A lot of UK Government websites have a "Crown Copyright"
: statement, with no date.
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: Lee
There are in a website various elements, original design, graphics etc and the 
'current' content, so it is quite legitimate to have a copyright notice 2000 - 2011
for example,as well as further copyright information in the page headers. e.g
where you are reproducing third party owned copyright material (with permission
of course :)  ).

Crown copyright is a special case and  does not require dating as it (usually)
never expires..


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