[thelist] videos / page load speed

Bob Meetin bobm at dottedi.biz
Mon Nov 7 20:53:16 CST 2011

On 11/07/2011 06:32 PM, erik mattheis wrote:
> Does it load a JPG as a preview? If not, it has to request the whole video before a user hits play.
> If I was unable to control whether the video loaded into the player or not, I'd show a JPG and change the DOM to include the player onclick.

I was thinking about the images yesterday - and it may be that perception is part of the problem - you're on target.  If you are grabbing an image off youtube, it also pulls the default youtube images, either thumb or preview that have been created.

For the locally uploaded videos, there isn't an auto-generated thumb to display in the playlist so what it was doing was displaying some animated .gif for that loading effect. So for those videos in the playlist that didn't have images the loading .gif was given the perception that it was taking a long time to load.  It was faking you out, nice trick. I made up some images off the videos and it makes a big diff in perception.

Change the DOM to include the player onclick - this is a commercial component, so I doubt that is reasonably doable.

While we are on the subject of videos, for another application I am using JW Player and code to display a video in a box.  It works fine but when the videos first starts you get the JW Player logo displays on the screen for about 5 seconds then dissolves.  How do you get rid of this?

Thx, Bob

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