[thelist] Ticketing Software

Fred Jones fredthejonester at gmail.com
Mon Dec 19 08:50:18 CST 2011

I work with a small firm and the support system they have in place is
no longer sophisticated enough for their growing needs. We are looking
for an open source ticketing system, ideally in PHP. Integration with
Drupal would be nice, but this is not a crucial need. The main issues

1. Two-way Email Updates: Both the client and the staff should be able
to receive and send updates to tickets via email
2. Attachments and HTML Email: Ideally the email-based updates will
allow users to send attachments and also HTML email. Many of our
clients send HTML emails, with a bit of formatting, and so we need to
be able to see that in the tickets, ideally.
3. Clients should not be required to create user accounts and login in
order to access tickets.

I think those are the main issues.

Of course there is http://otrs.org/ but it looks like a pain to
install and anyway it's Perl. I found this
http://www.bestpractical.com/rt/ but people said it has a big learning
curve, which we don't want. I tried Trellis Desk, but Version 2.0 is
what I want (not 1.4) and it doesn't have POP3 support ready yet. I
tried now Cerb5 but after it installs, all I see is errors.

We are running osTicket now, but not thrilled with it. Can't edit the
status list, can't add custom fields, doesn't do HTML input/output.
Aside from that it works. :)

Our needs are fairly simple, beyond those mentioned. Simple status of
tickets so can close them etc.

If anyone has any suggestions, or further ideas I should be
considering, I would appreciate it.


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