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Chris Dorer cdorer at gmail.com
Thu Mar 15 08:19:02 CDT 2012

As both a wordpress and drupal developer. Both are great solutions.

I lean to recommending Wordpress.

WordPress has the Events manager that can help handle your needs
There are a couple really well dev-d ACL plugin that can fine tune to your
specific needs and wants.
Wordpress also will handle your private postings and sessions.

WordPress makes it easier to handle with upgrading plugins and the code
base as a whole from my experience.

The wordpress community has really decent template wholesalers that I can

Wordpress has matured very well from its earlier days.

My 50,000 foot brief description on the pains for using drupal being in
your stage:

As both a drupal 5,6 and 7 developer....

Depending on your more detailed specifications that you may not have listed
in this email the learning curve for your needs in Drupal will be very

>From experiencing how Drupal jumps to major versions and changes api
structuctural calls, I've experienced plugins and maintaining your code
base can be restrictive and sometimes costly to upgrade to new major
versions.  And that taxed my work.

Both systems will and do take a bit to understand how their ACLs work if
you decide to do any plugin development.

On Thu, Mar 15, 2012 at 2:00 AM, Renoir Boulanger <renoirb at gmail.com> wrote:

> I would come into it. Too.
> its  matter of being comfortable.
> I have experience with Wordpress and some with Drupal and a lot with my
> own CMS (2003-2007) and MODx.
> I can say, without real programming skills solution could be Tiki Wiki.
> With tiki's Trackers, Blog, Forum, user management, themes, and everything
> in one. You are good to go.
> After people used and you doscovered other features you can just find out
> a way to achieve.
> When it gets too complicated. A custom application comes handy.
> When it comes to custom things like yours.
> I tend to go to frameworks instead of CMS/Blog. I mean if you want
> something specific out of a CMS/Blog scope (that is your case actualy).
> I have big love for Symfony. And even more with Symfony2.
> Personally . I would even use WordPress or drupal as the admin zone. And
> use Symfony+Twig as the read only facing part:
> - Better templating
> - Better way to querythings
> - Better code to work with
> - Full ***Real*** (!!!)  OOP PHP
> my idea.
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