[thelist] Wierd Oracle Table Access Issue

S.M.German smgerman at comcast.net
Sat Jul 27 19:06:04 CDT 2013

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> Here is what I am running into:
> 	. I can read the new tables from the Production instance of the
> database using Toad - (a software package owned by Dell).
> 	. I can read the new tables from the Integration instance of the
> database using Hyperion.
> 	. However . I cannot read the new tables from the Production
> instance using Hyperion.   ;-(
> I'm at a loss.  Any idea what could possibly be causing a situation like
> that?  Did the DBAs do something odd when they created the tables?  Am I
> 'locked' in Oracle metabase hell?


I've seen these types of issues--with Oracle and other systems--where you
can access A from B but not A from C.  It's almost always a configuration
issues with C.  The username/password is wrong, the tnsnames.ora isn't
right, something.  

That you can read the tables with TOAD means your DBAs probably did the
right thing.  Are you using the same username/password with TOAD as the
Hyperion system is using?  If not, try using TOAD with the Hyperion
credentials. If that works, check Hyperion again.  If that doesn't work,
check with the DBAs on the access for the Hyperion user.  The permissions
model for Oracle can get hairy.  Even if the new tables are in an existing
schema, they may not have the same access as the existing tables.

If you can't make headway, let me know.  I've never touched Hyperion, but I
know some folks that are in deep with it.  They might have some ideas on
where to look.

Hope that helps.



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