thelist Information & Guidelines

General Information

The list is intended for professional Web workers: designers, webmasters, programmers, what have you. Anything that relates to Web development is up for discussion.

The list is unmoderated (though monitored), and is maintained and supported by volunteers.

Individuals who post to the list hold the copyright to their own posts.

Discussion List Guidelines

  1. Respect each other. Diversity in Web development is not only tolerated but encouraged. Argument and debate are fine. Character digs and personal attacks are not. You are responsible for what you write. Those who cannot be civil will be removed from the list of subscribers and will not be permitted to return.
  2. Limited off-topic posts are fine; however they must be labelled [OT] in the subject line. Also, we ask that you "pay" for off-topic posts by including a Web tip that you find useful. Example:
        Include META tags in all of your pages for better search engine placement.
    Please stay consistent with the <tip></tip> tags, so that our Tip Harvester can extract them for the archive. If you want to be extra helpful, your opening tag could be formatted:
        <tip type="META Tags" author="Your Name">
        Include META tags in all of your pages for better search engine placement.
  3. To the best of your ability, keep posts short.
  4. Keep your subject lines specific, as many people decide what posts to read from the subject line. "Help!," "What am I doing wrong?,"and "Arrraugh" are not acceptable subject lines.
  5. If an ongoing discussion drifts from the initial subject, please change the subject line to reflect the new subject. For example, "e-commerce solutions" becomes "problem clients (was: e-commerce solutions)."
  6. When responding to a post, delete all information that is not strictly necessary. This includes the tag line and .sig files. Delete anything you're not specifically responding to.
  7. When responding to a post, please make it clear who you're responding to. Not everyone is going to remember who the original sender was.
  8. Don't post urban legends, virus alerts or humorous forwards. Please.
  9. Don't post copyrighted material. If you think an article would be helpful to others on the list, provide a link.
  10. You must ask permission if you want to forward or otherwise reproduce a post from a member of the list.