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Filipiak, Bob (Contractor) filipiab at atsc.army.mil
Wed Apr 18 08:58:52 CDT 2001

Final comment on this topic:

I can change my IE 5 Accessibility settings to ignore page font styles and
font sizes and resize it.

Bob Filipiak (Contractor)

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Use <H1 style="font:Bold italic 22pt arial">TROJANI2000</H1>
and try to resize it!

That won't affect how most of the page is put together but does point out
headings for everything can fulfill this purpose of creating static text
where the user can't change the size.

The whole problem is that this idea ignores the users' common theme of "I
want control of my desktop". That's why many applications suck and people
hate using them. If anyone wants to create a application like this, it's
their right to do it, but don't expect anyone to like it, and, they
certainly won't buy it if they can choose a similar product which gives more
freedom to the user.


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