[Javascript] Link to run a local application

Tom Mallard mallard at mallard-design.com
Sat Oct 20 09:55:50 CDT 2001

In a word, no, but you can call an windows host script (usually using asp)
which will run it.

tom mallard
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> Hi,
> I am building a web application for my local intranet network.
> I am wondering if there is anyway we can make a link in a website to run a
> local application in local machine (win 98) using javascript.
> Something like
> <A HREF="local_application.exe"> Run this app </A>
> ?
> This is just for intern administration, so I am not worry about security
> all. Most the application is web based app, but there is this one app that
> cannot be web-based, and need to be run locally. However, I think it will
> most intutitive and consistent if the user can navigate all that through
> same site.
> Thanks in advance for any reply.
> Reuben D. Budiardja
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