[Javascript] Find Color of Pixel Under Cursor

Peter Brunone peter at brunone.com
Mon Aug 4 16:14:27 CDT 2003

   That's why I asked Tim for more information about what he's trying to do.  You're suggesting a standalone application that you install on the client machine, which isn't really desirable for most web apps.


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From: "S.D." <sue.darnell at verizon.net>

>It should be pixel color, correct?
>And there are a few programs that do that, fit helps.
>I use them to do web pages that match my clients' logos, etc.
>-sue d.
>(web mistress)
>Andrew Gibson wrote:
>> The color of a pixel in an image, or just in the page, eg cell color?
>> if in an image, I doubt it, if in a cell say, probably by referencing the
>> cell attributes..
>> Andrew Gibson
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>> From: Peter Brunone
>> Tim,
>>    What's your ultimate goal here?  I don't know of anything that will grab
>> the color under the pointer, but maybe we can circumlocute with some more
>> information.
>> Cheers,
>> Peter
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>> From: "Tim Makins" <spindrift at oceanfree.net>
>> >Hi all - I wonder if there is any way to import into a variable the color
>> of
>> >the pixel that the cursor is currently on top of ??
>> >
>> >Tim in Ireland. 

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