[Javascript] stationary buttons

Mckinney, Lori K lkmckinn at ingr.com
Wed Oct 1 12:29:53 CDT 2003

Here is a pretty old example of what I think you are asking for but you
might get the idea...


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Subject: [Javascript] stationary buttons

I am looking for some help in finding how to create a button (most
probably in a layer, I guess) that will remain stationary in position on
a page as the page scrolls down, so that it never moves out of sight
along with the other elements on the page. I have seen this effect
somewhere recently with ads, but have not been able to find it since. Is
there a combination of DHTML, Javascript, and CSS2 that will get what I
want? I am afraid that this can only be accomplished with flash, but
that doesn't seem right. I need this to be a button that can submit a
form on the page. I have searched extensively for a tutorial or a page
where I can see this again and possibly look at the code, but with no

Any help with locating an example, provding some pointers, or, better
yet, a tutorial would be really appreciated. By the way, I have
Dreamwever Studio MX, but have not been able to find a reference to this
in the documentation there. If you know how to do this in Dreamweaver,
that would help too. Thanks.

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