[Javascript] Sorting Problem

Flavio Gomes flavio at economisa.com.br
Tue Sep 14 14:12:25 CDT 2004

Tim, never give up, SOLDIER!!   

  Since the first mail you sent I'm trying to fix it.. o.O
  Now I think I made it!! ^^

Check attachment.

(Ps.: Anybody know how to work with the Array.prototype? I couldn't 
overwrite old .sort() method)

Hope to Help,

Flavio Gomes
flavio at economisa.com.br

Tim Makins wrote:

>Sorry - I tried the above, and it still doesn't sort numerically.
>Oh well, that's enough for today anyway - about time I stopped.
>That's the page I'm working on. Only the 'States and Provinces' List is
>there so far, and the map and help links don't work, as it is out of
>Tim in Ireland.
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