[Javascript] Odd overlapping problem

Hershel Robinson hershelr at netvision.net.il
Tue Mar 8 09:50:22 CST 2005

There is a simple answer to both of your problems:

1 Where are the arrow buttons?

2 Why does the <select> object not work properly?

The answer is that this page has NO <select> boxes whatsoever. You can
verify this fact very easily by searching in the source for the text
'<select'. The dropdown boxes which you are seeing appear to be being
generated by JavaScript.

Therefore, this is the correct list, actually. ;)

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  Hello, list...

     I've discovered something very strange that may border on OT for this
list, but I'm hoping some of the geniuses here will have an idea.
     Observe, if you will, the following page in IE6:


     You should see a scrollbar that shows about half the content as being
off the screen.  Above the scrollbar are some HTML dropdowns, although I
can't account for the whereabouts of their arrow buttons (it's not my page,
but it is my control).

     Now the fun begins.  Pull down the list in the "Tipo" column, or the
one next to it; just make sure that the scrollbar is empty below the list
you choose.  Now hover over one of the first options and notice how when you
are in the scrollbar area, the list thinks that the bar is still over it.
The item does not change color, and if you click on it in that state, rather
than selecting the item, you will scroll the page.

     In short, what the *&#!?  I've tried increasing the z-index (using my
powers of URL bar javascript), but nothing seems to help.  I can *reduce*
the z-index so that the bar shows *over* the droplist, but increasing it
doesn't convince the page that the list is on top, even though I can clearly
see it.

     Hopefully that made enough sense for you all to follow; all suggestions
and/or questions are welcome.


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