[Javascript] JS Marquee Scroller Question

tedd tedd at sperling.com
Thu Aug 3 13:15:51 CDT 2006

At 4:42 PM +0000 8/3/06, Troy III Ajnej wrote:
>In that case you should throw away the "marquee" tag
>turn to javascript based solution. Seems to me that the proposed Roger Roelofs
>and Chris Heilmann approach should work in most browsers even if
>heavily CSS dependable: why don't you try it?

Yep, I tried it.

It worked once, scrolled off the page and kept going (probably still is).

see:  http://xn--ovg.com/marquee/index2.php

I'm not a js expert in any fashion -- I looked at the code but can't 
see the problem. The var maraginLeft is being reset to zero, but that 
doesn't do anything.

I tried Googling Roger Roelofs and Chris Heilmann and horizontal 
image scrolling and spent a more than an hour trying to find the 
original code, but with no luck.

Any ideas or references?



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