[Javascript] JS Marquee Scroller Question

Flávio Gomes flavio at economisa.com.br
Thu Aug 3 14:51:16 CDT 2006

A simple way I tried and worked well, for image only "marquees", is to 
scroll the background-position.

set in css:
  background-repeat: repeat-x;
  background-image: url(images/myMarquee.jpg);

and go incrementing (or decrementing) background-position

There's an attached example.

IE6/Mozilla tested

Bad news: Work only with image. And only one image.

Ps.: It took me longer than I tought to write these few lines of code.. 
     I'm getting old.. O_O!!!

Roger Roelofs escreveu:

> tedd,
> On Aug 3, 2006, at 2:15 PM, tedd wrote:
>> At 4:42 PM +0000 8/3/06, Troy III Ajnej wrote:
>>> In that case you should throw away the "marquee" tag
>>> turn to javascript based solution. Seems to me that the proposed  
>>> Roger Roelofs
>>> and Chris Heilmann approach should work in most browsers even if
>>> heavily CSS dependable: why don't you try it?
>> Yep, I tried it.
>> It worked once, scrolled off the page and kept going (probably  still 
>> is).
>> see:  http://xn--ovg.com/marquee/index2.php
>> I'm not a js expert in any fashion -- I looked at the code but  can't 
>> see the problem. The var maraginLeft is being reset to zero,  but 
>> that doesn't do anything.
>> I tried Googling Roger Roelofs and Chris Heilmann and horizontal  
>> image scrolling and spent a more than an hour trying to find the  
>> original code, but with no luck.
> I'm not famous like Chris...  The code I suggested is only a starting  
> place, and doesn't give the continuous scroll effect you are after.   
> I'm away until 11:00pm tonight, but I can look at the code after  
> that.  It doesn't reset because marginLeft is mis-spelled.
>     change
> maraginLeft = 0;
>     to
> marginLeft = 0;
> hth
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