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Cutter (JSRelated) java.script at cutterscrossing.com
Wed Jan 7 09:41:54 CST 2009

It is sad. This (LaTech JS) used to be an outstanding list. When I first 
subscribed, back in '99, Peter Paul Koch (PPK) was a major contributor. 
The professor who taught my JS class through Univ of MD was even an 
active member. I'm still subscribed, but traffic has dropped way off 
since the loss of David Merchant, and the move to Evolt. A shame really...

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Triche Osborne wrote:
> Erika Meyer wrote:
>> I've been on this list a few months.  I don't know anything about it.  I 
>>   am not sure how I even found out it existed.  I don't know how anyone 
>> knows about it... It's not listed on the evolt.org lists page.  I don't 
>> know how it started. I don't know its intended audience.  I'm pretty 
>> curious what this list is all about.
> It began as a mailing list moderated from Louisiana Tech (university in 
> northern Louisiana). Its intended audience--or at least, the majority of 
> participants--were intermediate to advanced JavaScripters, and it was 
> quite busy and useful. Unfortunately, the moderator had to move on and 
> concentrate on his own graduate school studies. The list moved to 
> evolt.org, after which it seems to have gone mostly silent.
> 	I'm sorry to see this. It was an excellent list for a long time.
> Triche
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