[Sysadmin] w.e.o moved

John Handelaar genghis at members.evolt.org
Sun Mar 9 11:35:05 CST 2003

On Sun, 2003-03-09 at 17:26, Dean Mah wrote:
> I'll likely be around.  Let me know in advance what you're going to
> need.  For instance, are you going to need the archives sent over?
> What configuration do you need dumped?

I'm thinking that you and I need to swap some
privilege levels between leo and eouk so that
each of us are able to do as much as poss
independently of each other.  I mean:  I think
I can handle this given enough access through
my a/c on LEO, but it'd be nice to have you
around just in case.

We already have most of this stuff in place,
having done css-d for Eric already.  Do we still
have the entire archive as an mbox file or do
we rely on pre-existing archive files?  Either
way, I think we can scp everything in reasonably
short order...

John Handelaar <genghis at members.evolt.org>

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