[Theforum] Re: Charter Gaps

A. Erickson amanda at gawow.com
Wed Oct 24 23:02:52 CDT 2001

> at that point, someone has to assign that priv. if it's not "one
> it's one or two people. why not have it be that group? (whether by
using a
> voting app or a +1 as has been used to induct admins in the past).

why have it be any group but the group who's actions and future is going
to be affected by the person who's volunteering to help. i can point to
very good example of a highly respected evolt member who didnt get on
admin because 1-3 people didnt like his positions on thechat list. no
names as i wont embarss those involved, but its a good example why a
closed group can't make decisions as to who is included in the
'public'(this) group.

I have a comment and a question. 

The comment is in regards to your assertion above which is impossible to
verify unless you are an admin so that's bogus. If they were "highly
respected" then why did they not get on the admin list? Clearly there
were admins that did not respect this person. Besides, "highly
respected" is extremely circumspect. I think others can leave your point
as a personal opinion on an unverifiable issue. (And I also think it's
unfair to the person in question whoever they might be.)

Okay... my dumb question -- If we want to call theforum a steering group
then we have a steering group of members right now.  Can anyone join the
steering group? Who decides? If someone can't join the steering group
because the people on the steering group don't want them then what? Do
we form another group?

What about the admin tasks? Can anyone join the admin group? Again is my
question about barriers to entry. Anyone who thinks that there can be
zero barriers to entry is wrong. There are always barriers. I think
deciding what those barriers are is going to be key. 

I would love it if we could discuss barriers in a more abstract way. It
would be a helpful exercise for this group and to determine our
feelings. I'll start another thread entitled barriers.


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