[Theforum] survey purpose, and connecting haves with havenots

spinhead evolt at spinhead.com
Tue Nov 6 11:40:06 CST 2001

What our mission statement for the survey? General info? Roll call? Link up
students with teachers? If we have multiple goals, should there be multiple

re: the idea of hooking folks up with resources for topics they're
interested in learning about, how tough is it going to be to echo a list
articles/sites/books/whatever? What are the chances we'll eventually get
into structured training as opposed to ad hoc?

The havenots could be linked up with all kinds of meaningful info, which, in
itself, would be a huge reward for taking the survey. Then it could be
perceived as a 'self-help' tool instead of an invasion of privacy, or 'doing
evolt a favor.'


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