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Tue Nov 6 14:51:06 CST 2001

Hi Dean,

I would think that would belong more up in the body of the questionnaire
than down in the tail with the demographics.

Maybe we could get Dan or Isaac to add a 

"(n)A. The three strongest points of evolt are: 
* Blink 
* Blank
* Drinking
* Other ... [Text area]

(n)B. The three weakest points of evolt are:
* blenk
* blunk
* a dearth of information on 'design' related topics
* Other ... [Text area]"

My 2c on evolt and design ...

I think we've had *some* design related threads and I think we have/had
some serious design oriented folks on the list ... but I just did a
quick search through 325 unread thelist messages and didn't see any of
their names [except Aardvark] jump out at me ... so maybe they're not
here anymore.

Personally, I think the rap is deserved.  Whenever anyone asks for a
site critique we seem to get a lot of responses pointing out
cross-browser problems with the CSS and/or JS.  We might see a couple
saying "the prints too small" or "the colors hurt my eyes".  But that's
about as close as I see to "design critiques".  Once in a blue moon I do
see an "excellent choice of colors - I can smell the coffee your site is
selling" or an "it doesn't feel 'angry' enough - try a darker shade of
brown to add an 'edgier' tone that your client might like"... but they
seem to be very very few and far between.  

When we DO discuss a 'design' issue like font size - it seems more
likely to desolve into a debate over whether 'ems' are supported or not
supported in a given alpha browser release rather than a 'design' issue
like whether bottom line disclaimers should be half or a third of the
normal font size.

(I used to do competitive photography.  I've gone to listen to the
critiques on "art" competition night where the judges were museum
curators and art gallery owners.  It was 'eye-opening' for me.  I have
to say I've pretty much *never* heard anything like those kinds of
critiques around here.)

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From: Dean Mah [mailto:dmah at]

That's fine too but I'd like the wording to specifically ask about
topics of interest so that we know which threads to instigate or which
articles we need to write so that the community gets more involved.
And hopefully we can draw more members that way.

For example, I've heard numerous times now that thelist isn't design
oriented and that members would never recommend the list for design
questions.  Is that the same 5 people talking or does everyone agree?
Could we get more referrals by writing more design articles/threads?
Are these people willing to write/start them?

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