And More ... was [Theforum] Demographics

Dean Mah dmah at
Tue Nov 6 15:00:10 CST 2001

I'd like textareas rather than checkboxes.  I'd like to remove the
chance of leading respondents to a particular answer.  I like the
simplicity of adding a single open-ended question at the end of the
leo and weo sections: "On which topics would you like to see more
threads/articles written about?"  Or something with better grammar.


Luther, Ron writes:

> I would think that would belong more up in the body of the questionnaire
> than down in the tail with the demographics.
> Maybe we could get Dan or Isaac to add a 
> "(n)A. The three strongest points of evolt are: 
> * Blink 
> * Blank
> * Drinking
> * Other ... [Text area]
> (n)B. The three weakest points of evolt are:
> * blenk
> * blunk
> * a dearth of information on 'design' related topics
> * Other ... [Text area]"

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