[Theforum] Couple Additional Questions

isaac isaac at members.evolt.org
Wed Nov 7 22:58:30 CST 2001

> I think (??) it was you and I .. that had a conversation about adding a
> question or two wrt evolt.org CMS.  A couple of questions to gauge what
> users of the CMS think of it, if there are enough comments within
> the code,
> how our CMS rates with others available at sourceforge, anyone using the
> code for a live site?  Or something of a similar nature.

how many people have used it? do we have any idea?

i can't imagine that it'd be enough to warrant a question (or two) in the
public survey.

if we can find out who is using the code, we should survey them

we could question (in the public survey) whether people are aware of the
availability of the CMS though...

> Also, along the same vein use/implementation of the NN6/Moz
> sidebar, rdf and
> xml feeds, perl tip harvester (when did that get added??).  (Speaking of


> Comments, criticisms, etc. on the existing FAQ's .. do people know where
> they are?  Are there other FAQ's that should be written, what topics?



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