[Theforum] survey draft 3

Martin martin at members.evolt.org
Sat Nov 10 16:12:18 CST 2001

Michele Foster wrote on 8/11/01 5:55 pm

>"want to buy our stuff?"...
>I'd like to keep this in there.  Once tagwear is in a position to actually
>roll .. it is my understanding that items will be pre-ordered, in order to
>get the best price (we're not doing one-offs, based on orders, rather
>guestimates and ordering blocks of items as required).  If the community
>response is next to nil, that's important to know, and vice versa.  However,
>I don't have a problem moving this question to the "community" section.

Are we thinking of using the list of people who say "Sounds interesting"
to contact them when we do launch it?

If so, we've a fairly large ethical disconnect with the confidentiality
statement, unless we disclaim that question differently (which would
be fine).

It's the difference between market research and prospecting.


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