[Theforum] New feature suggestions

Martin martin at members.evolt.org
Sat Nov 10 16:10:13 CST 2001

rudy wrote on 10/11/01 10:02 pm

>think about the notification for a sec -- to whom would it be sent?  list
>subscribers, right? 

Not necessarily. I think that the set of notification recipients will
intersect that of thelist, but won't be the same. It will also go to
some people who just visit the site.

That's because the site gets a hell of a lot more visitors than
thelist has members - it's a great advert for the rest of the
community, by drawing attention to the fact that the
great content is provided by the community, that there's
even more available on thelist, and that you can participate
through ratings and comments just be registering.

For non-members, it's a great medium to promote the
benefits of joining thelist, or registering on the site, as a bridge
between just visiting the site and joining the community.


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