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Wolfgang Bromberger wolfgang.bromberger at salzburg.co.at
Fri Nov 30 09:04:21 CST 2001

Hello Madhu,
congratulations to your birthday! Have fun!

To all who do not know me, I am Wolfgang, short .wolf, from Salzburg, Austria,
hmh...I have been one of the ones who were in the guerillas group, to which
evolt.org later evolved.

(tricky wording to avoid the word admin, right?)

At 15:13 30.11.01 +0530, you wrote:
>Should the issue of nominating oneself be ultimately resolved, I wouldn't 
>mind volunteering.

That is good to hear, thanks for your commitment.
I hope the issue is solved soon, the one way or the other.

Maybe the whole thing is more about who decides or who is the final decision

>Want professional credentials? I won't blow my own horn. Interested people 
>can visit http://madman.weblogs.com/faq

Very Nice!

>As for community involvement, you be the judge.

As for unknown reasons, my mail subs to evolt lists get kicked from time to
and sometimes not back up again, I would not dare to judge.
But I would trust other peoples trustment. 

Again, I think it is also more a question if the current admin members
have enough time on their hands for day-to-day duties, and if yes, if more
hands would help, or in case no, who could help to fulfill daily duties

So, are daily duties not done fast enough?
Would more people in decision making or daily duties make decision making
or daily duties more complicated? Are those two different matters?

The chicken-egg question:

Is evolt not getting better, because
a., there not enough people approving articles
b., because there are not enough articles coming in? 

In any case, the route to get better should start from there,
to decide which route.

><plug type="shameless">
>Today (30 November) is my birthday :))
>Forgive me if much mail doesn't get answered today.

Congratulations, congratulations, ...!


some time ago, Isaac wrote:
>> yes he was asking if more people wanted to help.
>> my problem with it was the 'volunteer and submit your qualifications to
>> admin and they'll decide in private' part, not the 'more people should get
>> involved' part.
>What is wrong with a process of admission? That's how Martin, Matt, Erika,
>Michele, etc were *all* selected for priv=3.
>We said "Hey, I recognise and trust these names. They've put in time on
>thelist and they have the goals of evolt.org in mind."
>The process itself does not have to be private.
>The decision should be made by existing members.
>Madhu nominates himself. Gets voted in. Next nomination, Madhu is one of the
>voters, and so on.

I agree.
I do not see right what is wrong with the existing process.

The process of decision making (and argueing pro and contra in case) should
be on admin, IMHO.

Does admin need more people?
Would people who nominate themself be turned off if the answer is no?
This may be one of the reasons the discussion process previously was
on admin, and I think it was good that it was this way.
This is in my opinion less elitist then discussing it here.

And I sometimes wonder why admin is elitist at all, somehow it seems
to be more linguistic then logical the discussion. 

thanks for listening,

"The basic tool for the manipulation of reality is the manipulation of
words. If you can control the meaning of words, you can control the people
who must use the words."
-Philip K. Dick (1928-1982)

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