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Martin martin at members.evolt.org
Sat Dec 1 18:36:55 CST 2001

spinhead wrote on 11/26/01 7:40 PM
The important thing I think is to have a clear way of knowing
whether a given decision needs to be formal or not.

Maybe one way might be to have the same system as
Westminster - if you think that what you're proposing doesn't
need a vote, then put it out as:
"OK, so we're in agreement then? If no-one complains in
$TIME, it's a wrap"
where $TIME > an agreed minimum

would that be a reasonable compromise?


>I think Martin's comments are germane to these comments (better to have too
>much formality, then loosen up, than to be too loose and crash and burn) -
>are we in a loop, deciding who decides who decides what to decide?

>> Dan gasped:
>> > voting never has been figured out for this group. and maybe
>> > its just me, but i think we've gotten a lot done in the past
>> > month on this list <gasp> without a voting system</gasp>!!
>> I think every reasonable person can agree that some issues don't need a
>> vote and others do. 

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