[Theforum] Date format (was: +1/-1 Author Info Blocks)

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Mon Dec 10 20:44:43 CST 2001

>>> That's why I recommended "dd mmm yy".

personally, i gots no problem with using the, ah, abbraviated english month
name, although if we want to avoid ambiguity we really need to spell out
the full year

03 Jan 02  can as easily be interpreted as  2003 Jan 02  as  03 Jan 2002

especially by those folks who are already using the *cough* international
date standard *cough* which uses descending sequence year-month-day

i'm not suggesting we use the ISO standard (e.g. 2001-12-10) simply because
there are too many americans that'll get their knickers in a knot if i do

>[1] how to disguise sleeping in until 8:50: Record your daily
>greeting before 9am, so no-one knows you're about an
>hour from getting any useful work done. Not that I ever do

good one, martin

back when i had a real job, i always used to record my daily voicemail
greeting as one of the last tasks before leaving the office for the day

i have hundreds -- okay dozens -- of fabulous time-management tips like
this (lotta good they do me now, with all the time in the world on my

you can not only be irregular in your morning arrival time, but if someone
chances to call minutes after you've gone home for the day, they'll know it
immediately -- and this cuts down on the number of pointless messages left
(e.g. "if you're still in the office, i need this today, so could you
please..." which, if you hear it last thing, and decide to ignore it, will
hang over your head all night long)

departure time is also irregular -- it cannot occur until a number of items
(like recording the daily voicemail greeting) are done

no matter when you record the greeting, however, it is crucial to record a
new one daily

furthermore, it is imperative that you respond to all voice messages
immediately, if not sooner

ah, the fond memories of a regular job...

sorry folks

a bit OT


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