[Theforum] Re: policy for #evolt

isaac isaac at members.evolt.org
Thu Jan 10 21:14:15 CST 2002

> But this is about being idle... not being on for long periods of
> time. I think it's great that he's in there a lot. Don't you?

My concern is this:

Relatively new evolt.org member decides to try #evolt. Enters channel.
Things are quiet or a conversation of little interest to them is being held,
so they minimise their client and work, while occasionally checking the
channel for action (of interest). They do this for most of the working day
(2-5 hours).

Now, Dan doesn't know this person and wants to have a private conversation.
Sees that they've been idle for a few hours (2+, given that it's "IRC
etiquette"). Kicks them. Then bans (due to an auto-join).

Now, if they're reasonably new to IRC, they may not understand when and why
this happened. They can't understand why they've been banned. They spread
the word of their experience. evolt.org's reputation is lessened.

If, instead, we (a) left idlers alone, and (b) didn't kick idlers
specifically to have a private conversation in a public, community channel,
this problem would not have occured.

We have all of 5 people in #evolt right now. Can we afford to be kicking
*anyone* out whether they're idling or not?


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