[Theforum] Re: policy for #evolt

Marlene Bruce marlene at members.evolt.org
Thu Jan 10 21:40:49 CST 2002

Whew, Isaac, you hit the nail on the head.

So (borrowing from theprocess) I move that we make the following official:

"On #evolt, idlers are left alone, to idle as long as desired."

Yays and nays welcome. Anyone want to construct terms around my 
motion before people vote? Like a day for opinion and discussion, 

Or can we all just agree and save ourselves the hassle?


>My concern is this:
>Relatively new evolt.org member decides to try #evolt. Enters channel.
>Things are quiet or a conversation of little interest to them is being held,
>so they minimise their client and work, while occasionally checking the
>channel for action (of interest). They do this for most of the working day
>(2-5 hours).
>Now, Dan doesn't know this person and wants to have a private conversation.
>Sees that they've been idle for a few hours (2+, given that it's "IRC
>etiquette"). Kicks them. Then bans (due to an auto-join).
>Now, if they're reasonably new to IRC, they may not understand when and why
>this happened. They can't understand why they've been banned. They spread
>the word of their experience. evolt.org's reputation is lessened.
>If, instead, we (a) left idlers alone, and (b) didn't kick idlers
>specifically to have a private conversation in a public, community channel,
>this problem would not have occured.
>We have all of 5 people in #evolt right now. Can we afford to be kicking
>*anyone* out whether they're idling or not?

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