[Theforum] Getting back to work

Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Thu Jan 10 21:14:26 CST 2002

Hey guys ..

Can we get back to doing some important work?  I'm not seeing much actual
work being done lately, which is a real shame.

Stuff to do (a short list, as I don't have time to compile a large task by
task list) ...

Review Javi's IA material.
Continue to review and discuss survey results .. with plans of action and
incorporation in above.
Discuss various new features proposed, plans to fix existing features, and
how they all incorporate into the IA material.
Then we can start talking about the redesign.

Couple other things ...

There are 7 articles for review in the admin queue (yes, I know this doesn't
apply to all of theforum members, but it does to approx. 20 members that are

The site's just about ready to roll over the code on teo to the live site.
If you want, you can review the final version of the article I've prepared
for when the code rolls.




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