[Theforum] Discussing evolt.org's IA

Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Fri Jan 11 11:11:18 CST 2002


Can you clarify something for me please .. and perhaps others that may be
unsure what's going on.

The IA material you've been sending out .. obviously you would like
feedback.  :)  Can we break it up into smaller details and discuss the
various aspects of what you're proposing?  For example, can we concentrate
on weo now, discuss that .. then move on to other subsites and areas?

I have to admit to be overwhelmed with the vast amount of information you're
sending to us.  I'd like to comment, but I'm at a loss where to start ;).

Now, my next question is .. the new list that's been created .. is that
specifically to discuss evolt.org's new IA?  I mean, are the IA discussions
being taken off of theforum and moved to this new list?  Or is the new list
to answer questions for Lou with respect to evolt.org?   I'm trying to
determine where I should be in order to discuss new features, improve upon
existing features, etc.

One final point .. it's a thin line whether IA for the site belongs on this
mailing list or on thesite.  My thoughts are that thesite deals with How to
do things, while this list deals with What to do.  As such, I personally
think the IA discussions belong on here.  Obviously, we need input from
those members most familiar with thesite, inasmuch as to say, no that idea
will not work at all (i.e. cursory thought planning into how something could
work). I'm open to suggestions and other interpretations of the differences
between this list and thesite list.

*the confused one*


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