Fresh start. was: Re: [Theforum] Re: policy for #evolt

Ron Dorman rwd at
Fri Jan 11 13:33:27 CST 2002

"A. Erickson" wrote:

> Banning seems more extreme to me -- maybe it's not. I really can't think
> of any reason to ban anyone unless they are being really abusive.

by definition of the words, yes banning is more extreme.  in context
however, banning on IRC is the only way, I am aware of, to prevent
auto-rejoin.  used short term, really no more than being kicked.  just
prevents the op from having to re-execute the kick over and over and over
and . . . for each auto-rejoin.

purpose and length of ban are things to be seriously considered for any

i would prefer not to have to have policies, however the real world seems to
force them upon us, eh.

very nice post matt.

Ron D.

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