[Theforum] Re: 'Headlines' announcement list

Martin martin at members.evolt.org
Sat Jan 26 14:12:30 CST 2002

On Saturday, January 26, 2002, at 07:36  pm, Warden, Matt wrote:

>> [X] carve it off from thelist with all current subscribers
> that way nothing changes.
> we're making... an inrastructure change (if you will). we shouldn't make
> our members work just because we want to change things. do joe user on
> thelist, he/she hasn't changes anything, so he/she expects to keep
> getting
> that mailer.
> we're trying to open this up to non-thelisters, right? so, let's do
> that... and not mess with what we currently have.
> as an added bonus, we're giving our current subscribers the ability to
> not
> get this mailer, which they didn't have before.
> use thelist's membership as a starter, let them all know they can opt
> out
> now (currently they can't), and go from there.

A big +42 on all that - exactly how I'm thinking.

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