[Theforum] What do you want to do ?

Martin martin at members.evolt.org
Thu Apr 18 07:51:35 CDT 2002

>[Theforum] What do you want to do ?
>Martin theforum at lists.evolt.org
>I'm honestly and sincerely trying here.

Yes, I see that. As am I.

> There are 87 members of theforum
>list and 134 members of thesite list.  Now, for argument sake let's subtract
>20 from of those lists and make an estimate guess that those 20 individuals
>are currently Admin members as well.  So, we're left with 67 and 114 other
>people that *WANT* to participate in evolt in some manner.
>Admin is only one group, responsible for two tasks, editing/approving
>articles and answering email that comes in from the weo contact form.

See my previous email - yes, the list on the wiki is a subset because
it arose from the questions of that group of people. Please do not
misinterpret the list as suggesting that that group of people were
the only ones capable and willing to take them on.

It doesn't need to remain a subset. It's a starting point. Build on
it and move on.

>As far as my timing is concerned .. I've volunteered to take on the task and
>will do so.  I'll prepare a complete and accurate account of what everyone
>submits to me and have it ready for May 1st 2002.  The web page I prepare
>will include the exact messages sent to me so that everyone may review them
>all at the same time.  Thanks for the concerns, but I'll gladly look after
>organizing this initiative.

Why prevent people from adding themselves to a page where we can all
see it and collaboratively build it together? Everyone here has
rights to amend that page - go crazy folks, act on your own behalf
and add yourselves. Add roles too - look at the current list and see
what's missing.

Let's use the *whole* intelligence of this group of people.

Having the additional step of collation is unnecessary. The
initiative doesn't need organising at this point - it *will* however
need organising to ensure that is actioned. That's the point of
failure here.


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