[Theforum] site redesign, design threads, etc.

Miriam Frost miriam at members.evolt.org
Thu Apr 18 09:21:08 CDT 2002


Oh, I know my timing sucks on this as there's a lot of other "issue" stuff
boing on, but since everyone's in a discussing mood, here's a thought.

We've had a lot of past discussion about the relative lack of design threads
on lists.evolt.org.
There actually *are* a lot of designers on leo. (See the survey.)
evolt.org needs a redesign.

Howzabout a redesign contest?
With all due respect to the great stuff that everyone's worked on so far, it
might be interesting to open this up. Submissions (maybe like a 30%
screenshot linked to a (gah! noooo I can hear the screams already) pop-up
window for the full-sized version, so you can view many on a page. We could
use that voting app that we're talking about (or some other one, whatever)
and have, say, three rounds of voting - chaff, wheat and finalist (other
terms used of course but you get the point). From there, the winning design
would be tweaked and implemented etc. on teo by a team of say, 5, (taking
input from thesite) including the winning designer.

We may want to think about a requirements doc first, though.
Anyway, discuss!

Monsoon Snowboards has a similar thing every year - winning design is


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