[Theforum] Answers

Erika Meyer emeyer at lclark.edu
Fri Apr 19 12:52:49 CDT 2002

Adrian wrote:

>dan got through much of the NFP paperwork, but i do not know
>where it was left...

Here's a refresh.

On Feb 19, 2002, djc wrote (responding to Adrian):
>We didn't get approved, for what i think are fairly obvious reasons.
>as the BOD that was put in place during that time(you and i being
>two of them) hasn't put any of the bylaws into practice, or
>attempted to since August(when i tried to get the membership
>proceedures in place, which ran into a wall), or that
>one or two(i can't keep track) BOD members had resigned and their
>positions hadn't been filled, and a number of other things, i think its
>safe to say that evolt.orgs initial attempt to become an NFP didn't work


an earlier, related post:

hope that helps someone with something.


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